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Meet Olley.

The founder of DafGlobal, Olley is dedicated to the growth of every person who walks through the door. Olley started Dafglobal 6 years ago while working in a gym in South London, as a kid, Olley was always the one with the camera and was creating content from an early age, working as a personal trainer opened up the coaching side of him and soon later converted into helping people not only on their training resume but helping them grow their business online too.

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Meet Garette.

Garette has worked in the customer service industry for 12 years, the most recent half of it was for a Google product. He knew his passion has always been telling stories through digital art forms like graphics and videos. In 2019, he pursued freelance contracting to become a full-time video editor. His growth mindset and hardworking attitude, combined with his customer service instinct of genuinely helping people became his foundation in developing his art of content creation so he can help clients grow their businesses and brands.